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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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or perhaps ocean avenue or up in -- by dewey circle. but monterey [speaker not understood]. if you want to find a gem in san francisco, come to monterey boulevard and visit kay's kitchen. it is one of the very few japanese restaurants in the area, but it certainly delivers the taste and freshness that i had anywhere in san francisco. kay's kitchen is run by kim dang, an immigrant chef who wanted to start a smaller restaurant that brought inventive japanese cusine to the west side of san francisco. with the versatile selection of shahimi, nigari, one aptly named the monterey special, kay's kitchen offers excellent food while maintaining its local charm.
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while people may often overlook monterey boulevard as a destination, we actually have some other great restaurants on the same street. and we are fortunate that nkemdi sided to station kay's kitchen the last 7 years. kim is not here today because he's visiting his family in china this week, so, he is unable to accept this award today personally, but i will personally deliver this certificate to him during my next stop at kay's kitchen. thank you very much. (applause) >> supervisor kim. >> all right. well, we have a san francisco institution in the house, delancy street restaurant and the counterpart crossroads cafe. these restaurants actually don't need much of an introduction to this board of
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supervisors [speaker not understood] and may not have visited these restaurants yet,ly let you know a little bit about them. these special enterprise he are located in our neighborhood hub in south beach san francisco and has been there long before much of the development that we currently see today. in 1971 delancy street foundation began in the apartment at john ma her [speaker not understood] and cohort mimi. they created a new [speaker not understood] on the nonprofit model creating an extended family by bring residents in off the street and assigning role based on their talent. whoever could cook could become the head chef, whoever could swing a hammer would do repairs. [speaker not understood]. delancy street has grown into the country's leading self-help organization for former substance abusers, individuals with convictions on their
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record, homeless residents and other residents looking for a fresh start in life. and with sick [speaker not understood] located in new york, massachusetts, new mexico, north carolina, los angeles, and, of course, the san francisco headquarters, they currently have over 18,000 successful graduates of its workforce development and training program. we are here to honor the restaurant. delancy street restaurant and classic cafe are two delancy street's successful social enterprise ventures and they've p been providing delicious food since 1970s prices. you should check out the menu. it's unbelievable when you see the menu, for four decades. the president ceo likes to say that "just like the immigrants who came through ellis island to delancy street on new york's lower east side to the turn of the century to start new lives, newcomer to delancy street foundation are immigrants of all races, all age and all
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different types of background who come together in our community to find a second chance at life." and our office certainly believes in second chances and is a proud co- author of the fair chance act with supervisor cohen's office which requires san francisco ban the box and not look at the conviction record until they have interviewed you or made a conditional offer of employment. delancy street has been doing it already. the restaurant is one way the foundation earns its revenue and trains its residents in the fine art of hospitality, catering and culinary arts, an important industry here in san francisco. you need only to read the yelp and san francisco menu page to read the rave reviews of the complete package of this impeccable service. now, i.e. had mentioned its affordable menu. you almost ask -- you almost have to take a second look, but now when you're paying 5 to $8 for coffee in most of the cafes
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and hamburgers averaging 10 to $15 throughout the city, you can get an excellent black and chicken sandwich with [speaker not understood] for $5.95. $5.95. the tuna sandwich homemade is $7.95. i could keep reading their menu, but really, it's one of the few affordable places that still is around in san francisco yet provide fine dining experience for residents throughout san francisco and of course the bay area. sunny who is a legislative aide in our office wanted to make a point that her and her family san francisco native had a tradition of celebrating her birthday with her family after a giants game in the room of the delancy street restaurant -- at delancy street restaurant. and you also host our south beach rincon hill neighborhood association along with so many other neighborhood groups. crossroads cafe is also right
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around the corner and boasts one of the few dated passions of green space in the neighborhood. most days you'll see kid running through the yard while the parents bruin much and catch up with friends. the interior house he the cafe, art gallery, and wonderful local bookstore. the [speaker not understood] that ha held, though, the delancy street together for the last four decade is obviously the people. now, the magic ingredient is clearly mimi and her leadership. and i know she's part of that mix and i'm so sad that she wasn't able to make it today. but it is absolutely extraordinary group of motivated and compassionate visionaries that have allowed this to be such a successful place for our city. the residents and servers and the staff are amazing and when you go and eat there, you can tell how much they love the work that they do and how much they love to serve you. there is always someone standing out in front of delancy street in uniform smiling and welcoming guests to the restaurant. and recently when a dear friend
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passed away, the catering staff was able to organize kevin's service and reception and to honor the spirit and work ethic of this incredible man. while respecting the success of this organization, i am reminded how important it is to support the social enterprises like delancy street. just as mimi and her team had to fight back against prejudice and nimbiism [speaker not understood], we see similar projects continuing to fight back to make sure that this remains to be a city for people of all income background and of course all other backgrounds. s every neighborhood should have a delancy street. so, thank you so much today for continuing the fight that you're doing today, but also offering so many people a wonderful second chance. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor kim. we're just two residents here to represent a huge population
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of people, but we did want to just say here today that what's really amazing being residents that are there, working there, growing up there, we've literally become part of the neighborhood. and ed and i have watched kid literally grow up in the restaurant, in the cafe, coming to story time, coming with their family to the restaurant. now they're in junior high. but i think also to thank the neighborhood and the city of san francisco for continuing to support us in our businesses and being open to knowing that we are learning. and to watch our people grow and learn how to communicate and to serve and do a good job. these are all very important things to us. so, thank you very much. (applause)
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>> i don't consider myself a chef, but people call me chef every day. i want to thank mimi for teaching me how to cook and for saving my life. i should be in prison for the rest of the my life, but she taught me i was worth more and i could do whatever i wanted if i just put my head into it. and, so, i just want to thank her. (applause)
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>> thank you, supervisor kim. why don't we now go to district 5, supervisor breed. >> great, thank you. i want to invite up to the podium [speaker not understood] and her sister israel. (applause) >> the honors of sheba lounge in the fillmore. thank you all for coming here today. i just want to start by saying this is like sheba's lounge is my home away from home. i always feel when i walk in there that i'm home. i can relax. the staff, they're so amazing. the sisters, they're amazing. they make -- i thought they were only treating me that way and this is before i became a member of the board of supervisors. but i noticed that they treat every single customer that walks in the door the same. the folks who work in the area, they use sheba lounge as a hang out. they love the two sisters net and israel. they are so welcoming. they're so warm. they've allowed their venue to be used to host fund-raisers to host events, to do thing for
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the community. they're not just a restaurant in the fillmore. they are a major part of our fillmore family. they are major contributors to supporting the fillmore and they are what makes fillmore exactly what it should be for the community. they also have artists who perform on a regular basis. when you go in there almost any day of the week, there will be an artist, a local artist performing, a band rocking the place, someone playing piano, some incredible talented artists from all over our great city. and they truly believe in supporting our local arts community which is why this place is so special. live entertainment, incredible food with spices directly imported from ethiopia. you've got to stop by this place and try it. everything is fresh. everything is wonderful. and i've got to tell you, supervisor kim, yes, delancy street has 1970s prices, but
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sheba's lounge has 1985 prices. [laughter] >> the prices are incredibly reasonable and i love going there all the time, whether it's to host an event, whether it's to just relax and have a drink, whether it's to have net or israel make me an incredible mojito whenever they have mint leaves. these women not only can they cook, they can make the best drinks. [speaker not understood] have nothing on them. and israel once told me the reason why the disruption taste so good or what it you, net, is because they're cook. they know ingredients. they now how to put food together. because they're incredible cooks they know how to make good drinks because they know how to mix ingredients. you so you get a two for at a place like sheba lounge. i know i was supposed to say a whole bunch of things about the history, the fact you came here in 176. you opened your first restaurant in oakland.
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~ 1976 and then we lured you to the fillmore in 2006. we truly appreciate everything that you've done to make the fillmore what it's supposed to be. the fillmore has had many challenges, as some of you know the history, with the challenges with the redevelopment agency, and we were lucky because not only did [speaker not understood] come to our neighborhoodv, but yoshi's and some incredible businesses that have continued to thrive. and unfortunately wasala's is not open, sheba lounge ha been strong and proud in our district and we're so grateful to have you here and we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for sticking in there with the fillmore, for hanging in there, for being the home away from home, for not just me, but many of the people who work at 1300 on fillmore, which is another great restaurant in our district. many of the staff who worked at yoshi's or continue to visit and frequent the neighborhood, this place is an incredible
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warm place and i appreciate all that you've done, not only to make your place incredible, but to make your place an incredible affordable place for the entire community. so, on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors, we commend you and we commend your continued commitment to the fillmore neighborhood. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor breed and the supervisors. i really thank you, supervisor breed. she's not only [speaker not understood] to give us this award. she's practicing by supporting her local business he. she's there always bringing her family and her friends ~. we really want to keep our promise to stay there providing free music, authentic ethiopian
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food and a gathering place for the community. thank you. (applause) >> from district 5 to district 4, supervisor tang. >> thank you. today i'm thrilled to present an award to a well loved restaurant that has been in existence over three decades, john's ocean beach cafe. as we can all imagine in the restaurant industry, john and his son tony are busy trunking the restaurant so they couldn't make it here today. so, i thought we could show you some photos of their delicious
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food. is sfgtv can go to the screen. the located at 4 37 slope, started by john in 1979. john was from israel originally where he was a tool and dime maker manufacturing tools in the process. after moving to san francisco in the early '60s with his family he couldn't find a job this his field because of language barrier and his immigration status. so, what he did instead was he worked for his brother-in-law at a grocery store and later opened up his own store called john's quality market on latin street in the outer sunset between 25th and 26th avenues. john soon introduced a variety of homemade sandwiches at his market. food was his passion. customers loved the sandwiches there. then he started helping out as a cook at the french restaurant across the street. i didn't realize we had a french restaurant in the sunset. the owner was a friend and
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would call john when he needed help in the can ivctionv everyone. all of these events led john to pursue his passion for great food and then open john's ocean beach cafe as seen on the screen. all of the food is made from drachma and purchased from the alemany's farmers market. the most popular dishes are the louisiana scrambler, and the greek omelette, and the hot cake, i definitely recommend them. when dph goes to john's ocean beach cafe, they score incredibly high. in fact, many of the, what we heard, many of the health department staff also often eat there as well. that's a good sign, right? our office is so proud to have john, tony and john's ocean beach cafe in the outer sunset. like the academy awards, i'm happy to accept this award on his behalf and the entire of sean's family.
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our office has planned a staff breakfast at john's this week. we're looking forward to presenting this award to him with our delicious meal. and this year we especially felt it was important to honor john's ocean beach cafe given they will soon be taking a break due to a mixed use development that is actually taking place on their block. so, while the feature of the cafe is uncertain at the moment, we definitely hope that they continue to be part of our community. ~ future and we encourage everyone of course to drop by and enjoy the wonderful food if you can before the end of the year. with that, john's ocean beach cafe. thank you. (applause) >> why don't we now go to supervisor farrell.
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>> thanks, president chiu. so, colleagues, we are very lucky in district 2, i know we had [speaker not understood] in our own districts to have a ton of amazing restaurants, certainly along our commercial corridors. today it's a lot of fun for me to honor number of individuals who are running and own one of the restaurants on the street that i grew up on, on chestnut street down in the marina district. and the team from de la rosa. want to welcome you guys up. i want to acknowledge [speaker not understood], the chief executive officer and the manager [speaker not understood]. thank you all for being here very much. for those of you who haven't gone to de la rosa, a few of you, my colleagues have already commented they've been to the restaurant before down on chestnut. it is on chestnut street in between pierson steiner. it has become one of the main stays of chestnut street over the last five years since they've been around.
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these proprietors also have a number of other restaurants here in san francisco, from super-duper, star [speaker not understood], all the other one that you've run. this one to me is -- ha become a favorite. i think what is amazing is that your restaurant appeals to people across all age groups and all times of the day. ~ has i've never seen a busier restaurant on chestnut street. congratulations for all your success. the last year -- we have three children. two of them are of the age where they can actually go into your restaurant. when we asked them where they wanted to go for their birthday dinners the last year, both of them said they want to go do to de la rosa. it is the favorite place to go with their grandparents. my parents live in the marina district. my wife and i whenever we're out and happen to be out late at night we always end up at your restaurant if we can find a seat. but, you know, you've been such an amazing institution. everybody that i talk to just loves the experience of going there. your food is amazing. so, congratulations for all
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your culinary success as well. but i just really want to thank you for being such an amazing part of chestnut street as a commercial corridor. really becoming now part of the fabric of our neighborhood and congratulations to all your success on behalf of all of us on the board of supervisors. i want to commend and you want to recognize you for being honored a the restaurant in district 2 for restaurant appreciation month. so, congratulations. (applause) >> thank you very much to all of you for this recognition, especially to you, mark. thank you very much. yes, we have done super-duper right there next to each other. and, yes, we are serving people for [speaker not understood]. from 11:00 and all the way to 1:00 a.m. every day is open. so, we're proud of that. so, thank you for recognizing us. thank you to my business
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partner rugiero who is wearing the chef coat today as he is at de la rosa. and all the incredible team that we have there represented by the general manager [speaker not understood] which is here today. thank you so much for the hard work that he does every day all i way to late at night until we close. so, thank you so much. we are really honored for this award. thank you. (applause) ~
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>> thank you, supervisor farrell. why don't we go to district 1, supervisor mar. >> thank you, president chiu. i'd like to ask if sean barnett could come up. he's the manager of de la roos cafe on art boulevard next to golden gate park in the richmond district. i wanted to also acknowledge that the owner matt couldn't be here. he's a new daddy and hoping that he's going to be bringing his little one to bell a roos very soon. so, bell a roos cafe is an amazing place ~. you might see it off ar dwell a with a big red bikeway up high kind of right in the front ~. also there is a very beautiful south facing cafe area where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun as well. bell a roos cafe, my office often looks hard at the various small businesses that are in our neighborhood. bell a roos has a number of
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reasons why they were chosen from many people by our neighborhood who advise us as well, not only great food and coffee, but they're a real community builder as a business. sean contributes to that really as an advocate of live music in the after parties for the [speaker not understood] festival promoting local artists. i really wanted to thank sean for his efforts to do that as well. to building community, but also a strong partner for a safer and more sustainable street along arguello and other arterials that they've been champions in supporting safer streets around the air i can't tellv sean barnett is the manager at bell a rouge. bell a rouge for eight years has been located at this intersection in the inner richmond close to golden gate parka long a bike route that can take you to the presidio. we did sunday streets there a few months ago and it's a really great neighborhood area that people should come to. and it's been a meeting place for many of the bicycle coalition and walk s.f. and
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many of the advocates. we often will gather there for the bike to workdays or coming up for the halloween bike ride to work as well. but i know lots of stuff goes on. before the current ownership started eight years ago, megan lynch, the former owner was a champion for small businesses in supporting not just her own business, bell a rouge cafe which she really believed in as a bicyclist, but also supporting other small cafes and coffee shops. so, there's a whole tradition of ownership and promoting the community. bell a rouge is a bike friendly place. you can tell by the various icon on the wall, but also the culture that they create. many students from usf to people all over the neighborhood stop there as a gathering place. there is also lots of games and they really encourage interaction among people as you eat there. i'll just say that the dinners now are wonderful with pizzas,
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but my favorite is the breakfast brito along with my coffee in the morning especially on sunny mornings sitting outside as well. ~ bur it owe also if you're a bike coalition member you get [speaker not understood]. the live music on fridays and saturdays are really incredible. people should support them. the food is very a portable, but really, really good. they also really care about the community and working with the other merchants are around the area are really advocating for a safer inner richmond district as well. as my office works on vision zero at the corner of arguello boulevard, businesses like bell a rouge and other are championing a safer richmond and safer streets. i also wanted to just add that the website and the facebook pablo for bell a rouge cafe give a lot of the list of all the music that's coming up ~ also the great food and drinks you can get there as well. so, please give a hand for sean
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barnett and bell a rouge cafe. if you'd like to say a few words, too. (applause) >> thank you. thanks a lot. i guess this means a lot. it's really nice. industry that isn't all that glamorous, it's pretty sweet to be invited here. yeah, we just show up and work really hard and have a good time and make sure we can do both of those things at the same time. and when people recognize this, it's really nice. and one last thing, mamo sigant cirques de soleil. ~ sigantes. (applause) >> okay, supervisor mar. we have two more presentations today. i will make the next one.
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and i first just want to thank all of our colleagues for recognizing the amazing restaurants in our city. this is definitely making me hungry and i look forward to taking a tour of all of these restaurants around san francisco. but today i want to welcome the folks who are running an amazing gem in my district which is the cafe fun table on post street between leavenworth and hyde. when it opened a few years ago in 2009, this is an incredible and an extremely cute intimate spot which any neighborhood must have to give it a sense of permanence and coziness. last year the new owners tom benson and rony roos took over and they maintained the fresh food and coffee as well as the sense of community and inclusiveness. >> appreciate it. >> farm table gets most of its ingredients from the civic center farmers market and source he he coffee and baked goods from around the bay area. to encourage good old-fashioned
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human interaction, they don't have wi-fi. if you sit at the one haul table inside you'll likely strike up a conversation. i also want to mention the apartment that is right outside their front door. it is a great neighborhood gathering space. wendy's actually planted more greenery into the parkway making it a beautiful green space and an area that has very little. it's one of the best park lets in our city. today i am pleased to welcome tom benson as well as his daughter shelly to accept this honor. shelly recently moved here after graduating from college where she studies agricultural industries and marketing which i think is a perfect fit for the work that you do with your parents. so, with that, tom and shelly. (applause) >> thank you. nice to be down here. we just started up the business a year and a half ago, spent a lot of time in city hall, chasing down the permits and all those kinds of thing. it's nice to be recognized for our efforts of getting the business up and running and operating. i'll be down here at 7 o'clock
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tomorrow morning at the farmers market. i take my little red granny cart there every wednesday morning and spend from about 7 to 8:30 picking up probably 80% of all the eggs and produce that we use in a week's period of time at the shop. otherwise we source the stuff from local artisans and business he and we're trying to expand that to bring their products into our little shop so we can all work together. our name farm table is just [speaker not understood] between farm and table because we try to be a close as we can to farms as we are to our table. so, almost everything we buy we buy direct. thank you. (applause)


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